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SIGMA Geomatics Master course

Built on sixteen years of experience, the Master 2 Geomatics SIGMA has a new look in 2016-2017 while holding back the points that makes it unique:

  • A dense course over of a single year
  • Its vocation to form high level professionals as well as researchers
  • 100% geomatics centered

 What changes from 2016-2017:

  • Its acronym: SIGMA – Geomatics sciences applied to environment and land planning (ScIences Géomatiques en environneMent et Aménagement)
  • The organization of courses and their profiling

The SIGMA Master course (ScIences Géomatiques en environneMent et Aménagement : Geomatics sciences applied to environment and land planning) aims to train students for the professions of environment management and town and country planning involving good command of techniques linked to geographical information management : project management, resource management, decision-making tools, expertise.

The present website exposes the details of the master course according to several topics in the left-side column. One can find:

  • A more detailed presentation of the objectives of the master in its two domains: professional approach and research;
  • The schedule of the master with a list and presentation of each course (UE for Unité d'Enseignement, teaching unit).
  • The procedures for application and registration;
  • The presentation of the teaching staff, the network of external correspondents from a wide professional background of private sector firms and public authorities;
  • A selection of the professional and academic partnerships of the master;
  • A short presentation of the research labs supporting the master;
  • A list of recent internships and students projects subjects, with downloadable reports (when authorized);
  • Some information about the professional evolution of alumni.

Search by keyword tool is available on the "search" page. A quick search is always possible by clicking on the keywords located in the right half of the site banner.

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