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Admission procedures

Access diploma

  • First year of Ms, maîtrise of geography
  • IUP of Town and country planning
  • MIAGe
  • Engineering diploma in agronomy, computer science or Bac+4 level in a Grande École of engineering.
  • Other masters or diplomas equivalent to bac+4 validated by the Commission des Titres.


Candidates with professional experience equivalent to the required qualifications can be evaluated by the registration of the master.

One can apply to the master’s program without holding the access diploma at the date of application, but the final admission requires effective graduation.


Application documents

The application file is composed of

-       An application form

-       A curriculum vitae

-       The copies of diplomas or certificates of professional experience

-       A handwritten letter explaining the motivations of the applicant.

Applications for Master 1 are done exclusively on the "Mon Master" portal:

Applications for Master 2 are done exclusively on the eCandidat platform from Toulouse INP :


Selection procedures


The selection of candidates comprises two phases:

-       A pre-selection of application files, taking into account the quality of the diplomas, the professional or research internships, the argumentation of the motivations letter, the professional project and the CV. The pre-selected candidates are informed by email and summoned to a hearing in Toulouse.

-       A jury hearing to complement the application file, especially about the professional project of the candidates, their grasp of the employment opportunities and their aptitudes of character and mentality.


The selected candidates are informed by email in early July. A waiting list is established.

The selected candidates must confirm their acceptation of the selection by postal mail before the 15th of July. After this date, each candidate who has not confirmed their acceptation is removed from the list and the first candidate from the waiting list is called.



  • Online application file submission : from feb 26th to mars 24 for the first year (M1), from march 6th may to june 7 for the second year (M2)
  • Evaluation of the files for pre-selection : may (M1) and june (M2)
  • Candidates hearings in Toulouse and via web video for the M2 : June 2024.


Cost of the master course

Initial training : normal university fees.

Continuing education : fees varying with the administrative situation of the student, please contact us for more information.