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Research labs

GEODE, Geographie de l'Environnement (Geography of environment), UMR5602 UT2-CNRS

The GEODE lab is characterized by a transdisciplinary approach of nature / society relations. It confronts concepts and methods from geography and naturalists, social or historical fields.

GEODE was a pioneer of the geosystem concept and landscape studies, developing research into what became environmental studies. The lab displays today an extended analytical and expertise capability.



DYNAFOR (Dynamiques et écologie des paysages agriforestiers, Dynamics and ecology of agricultural and forest landscapes), UMR 1201 INPT/ENSAT-INRA


The activities of Dynafor are centered on sustainable management of forest resources, rural landscape, within landscape ecology.

The main purpose of the lab is to understand and model the relations between ecological processes, biotechnical processes and socio-economical processes in the management of natural sustainable resources, and to identify the ecological benefits of biodiversity in our agricultural landscapes.


LISST-CIEU (Centre Interdisciplinaire d'Études Urbaines, Interdisciplinary center of urban studies), UMR 5193 UT2-CNRS.

The lab, founded in 1966, was associated to the CNRS in 1985. Since 2001 the Cieu is part of a larger team, a mixed research unit combining geographers, sociologists and ethnologists, the LISST.


The Cieu specializes in studying the transformation of the cities and urban societies. It developed a rich network of relations with its institutional, economical and social environment. The research team, one of the first teams having developed urban studies, participates in the urban social debate in the city.